Miami Beach Clip

A quick clip from Miami Beach trip.  Miami Beach, Royal Palm South Beach Hotel: Miami Beach – Food & Entertainment:

Miami Beach | Florida |

Miami Beach – Food & Entertainment

Majority of our trip consisted of eating and burning in the sun on the beach. Isn’t that’s how a proper vacation supposed to go?  My favorite thing about Miami Beach…

Miami Beach, FL | March 2017 |

Miami Beach, FL | March 2017

I realize that my mainly home decor blog has turned into mainly travel blog, but we can’t predict our life and thus I’m seizing the opportunity to travel while it…

Northeast Adventure | November 2016

This video pulls together the whole Northeastern road trip from November 2016. Somehow I didn’t have a lot of clips, but it worked out and kept the video short.  Love…

NYC | New York |

New York, NY

I know the photo I chose above is not a typical visual of New York that people have in mind. This is the last post in the North Eastern adventures…

Boston, MA |

Boston, MA

Our New England adventure continued North into Boston. Originally we planned to stay only one night and head to Portland, Maine the next day, but decided to end our inching…

Newport, RI |

Newport, RI

After Providence, we headed towards our next destination – Boston. But before Boston we had time to make a pit stop per co-worker’s recommendation in Newport.  It was a cold day.…

Providence, RI |

Providence, RI

Rhode Island. The only knowledge I had about Rhode Island prior to visiting is, well, actually nothing. I only knew about the state because of Miss Rhode Island in the…

New London, CT |

New London, CT

After stopping in Hartford, on our way from New Haven, CT to Providence, RI, I saw a place on the map called New London. It wasn’t a city we planned…

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