Master Bedroom

Room Projects:

Remove wall texture and smooth the walls
Paint walls
New window shades and curtains
Create a cushion for the window seat
New nightstands
New lamps
Add artwork to the walls
Replace footboard
Combine closet doors into a French door
Replace the floors (?)

The room started out looking like this, when we first bought it:

album 1

Nice and clean, but we wanted something nice and breathy, so we decided to sand the popcorn texture off the walls and paint it with light gray color (for more on that, read my Master Bedroom Makeover post).


Then we added the bed:


And then some curtains and roller shades:


Replaced the bedding and added new nightstands (read my nightstand diy tutorial Ikea RAST Hack: upholster and stain).


Once we added the lamps:


Lamps-Home Goods3

And we’ve added some art!

Bedroom Art

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