1 ½ Bathrooms

Room Projects:

Replace cabinet knobs
Replace faucets
Paint counter tops
Add some art
Replace the lights
Gut the whole thing and start over (one day!)

Each of the 2 bedrooms enter into their own half bathrooms and the tub is in its own little room between the two halves connected by jack-and-jill doors.
This is picture of what one of the halves looked like when we first moved in. Nothing exciting, but you can see the old faucets and white-on-white cabinet knobs.

bathroom before

And the tub area with a corner shelf, which left pretty much right away.

tub before

And then we moved in, and I made things worse. I am really bad about putting things up, especially since I would rather sleep-in extra 5 minutes than spend the time putting away my beauty products in the morning. But really, the cabinets are just to the right, I have no excuse. But here you can see we already replaced the cabinet knobs.

bathroom in between

Then we replaced the faucet. I spent a lot of time looking at different options in different price ranges. As with anything it took me a while to choose, so I finally ordered 2 Mistos faucets from Home Depot in Vibrant Brushed Nickel. I love the way they look, but honestly, they are impossible to keep spot free! I wiped this one before taking this photo, but you can still see spots. For that reason I am disappointed with this faucet. But it is a step up from the older Kohler faucets that were there before. After getting an awesome deal on the kitchen faucet at Costco, I think my expectations were not met by Mistos.

bathroom faucet

And the tub area got a minor makeover with a new curtain and rug from HomeGoods.

bathroom tub after

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