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Gluten Free Crumpets
  • Gluten Free Crumpets

  • A friend from England told me about crumpets. Initially amused by the name, I was looking at recipes online and realized that these are just like the oladushki my mom made in Ukraine when I was little. My first attempt at making the oladushki (i.e. crumpets) was a disaster, so the next time I tried to put my own spin on it with coconut flour. I also m[...]
Pan Fried Salmon + Barley
  • Pan Fried Salmon + Barley

  • Since today was marked as "Mother's Day" on the calendar, many ladies I know spent the time in the kitchen cooking for their moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, step-moms, etc. (Who said you have to be biologically related to be a female role model to someone?) We cooked a nice organic breakfast for our mom with eggs, different hams, veggies, etc. For din[...]
Steak Diane + Buckwheat
  • Steak Diane + Buckwheat

  • I can't believe I have not yet blogged about Steak Diane! It is seriously one of the easiest and most delicious beef recipes out there! Whenever I am out of ideas about what to cook, Steak Diane is always my safety fall back. What you will need: tenderized steak butter (of course! not pictured) green onions garlic cloves (or buy already min[...]
  • Much ado about nothing - New Year's Resolutions

  • New Years always start with a bunch of resolutions. Probably one of the most common resolutions is to lose weight and eat healthier. After all, you are what you eat, right? This post is about my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to food. My go-to healthy snack is BERRIES! I love berries, any kind of berries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries (so[...]
Iranian Barberry Rice
  • Iranian Barberry Rice

  • I didn't take a good photo of the party favors I gave away at my housewarming, but I thought long and hard about what to give my guests. I came across a lot of great ideas and then I saw red dried barberries and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to tie it in with my blog. Many guests asked what to make with red barberry. One of the most common su[...]
Potatoes and Chicken Thighs
  • Potatoes and Chicken Thighs

  •   It's been a while since my last "Yum" post. And since I had just found out that I might be going to Moscow in November for work, I was doing some research about all things Russia. Although I am a former Soviet child, I've never been to Russia and now traveling as an American citizen, I am totally having identity crisis. But that's besides the point[...]
Savory Garlic & Herb Chicken
  • Savory Garlic & Herb Chicken

  • Argh... Another long and exhausting weekend of plastering, sanding, painting, cleaning. The washer and dryer were working nonstop today. Oh, and our food insinkerator broke this weekend too, so we had to replace it with a new one. It started leaking from the bottom, glad I had my cleaning products in a plastic box underneath the sink, so the water was contai[...]
Baked Tilapia and Stir Fried Veggies
  • Baked Tilapia and Stir Fried Veggies

  • Sunday is usually our cook day. We try to cook enough to have for dinner and then some to take for lunch at work during the week. Every Sunday we attempt to cook something new, but this weekend we put in a lot of muscle and sweat (thank goodness, no tears this time) into plastering and sanding the walls on the first floor, that I needed a tasty recipe that w[...]