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Colombia: Vlog
Colombia: Bogota
  • Colombia: Bogota

  • After Germany, my life took me on another journey, now for work and down to South America. I've been to Mexico, but this was my first time visiting South America. It was a group trip and most of our agenda was pre-determined, which worked out great, since I didn't have much time to research the country. First on the agenda was the capital, Bogotá. Hig[...]
Yale (Take 2) + Gilmore Girls?
  • Yale (Take 2) + Gilmore Girls?

  • Earlier this month I got another chance to go back to New Haven for a Yale visit. Dmitry was a bit unimpressed with my first attempt to write about Yale, which turned more into a blog post about logistics. I blame it on the time of the year, it was late fall, it was cold, and ... I was hungry? Idk, but he's right, the first blog post was a bit dry. [...]
Peaceful Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Peaceful Hoi An, Vietnam

  • After Ha Long Bay we headed straight back to the Hanoi Airport where we got on an hour flight to Da Nang. Dan Nang is centrally located in Viet Nam making it a perfect checkpoint between the North and the South. Nevertheless, we didn't stay in Da Nang long, instead our new guide and bus driver met us at the airport to take us to the UNESCO recognized World[...]

  • Our travel group spent 2 half days and one night on La Vela Premium Cruise boat (1 day in Ha Long Bay rhymes better than 2 half days :)). Before we arrived I've looked at some pictures of Ha Long Bay, and while the photos online looked amazing, over the course of our trip in Viet Nam I became convinced that there is no comparison to experiencing something[...]
Viet Nam - Hanoi in 1 Day
  • Viet Nam - Hanoi in 1 Day

  • Our tour group of 24 people arrived to Viet Nam from Houston on June 11th in the afternoon. After a 36 hour journey we took a nap, had dinner, and had only one night to rest up and prepare for an eventful day in Hanoi - the capital! Writing this post, I am amazed how much was accomplished in 1 day with such a large group!  If we could do it, you can defini[...]
  • My tech gear

  • I contemplated calling this post "My photography gear", but since it has more than just photography, I settled on "My tech gear" instead. First things first, of course an iPhone. How amazing is it that we have all these amazing tools like a calculator, a GPS, internet, and of course a camera in one machine?! Secondly, a selfie stick. I know, I know[...]
  • Texas Hill Country - January 2016

  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/xUfyFIyzxvQ?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0 Last weekend of January gifted us some awesome weather (70-80F during the day vs. 34-44F we had for the last few weeks)  and it would have been a sin to stay home. So we packed our bags, bid on a hotel on Priceline, and headed to the Texas Hill Country. Our destination was Fredericksbur[...]
  • A Trip to UK (Part 2 of 3)

  • Stonehouse Stonehouse is a small town about 30 minutes by car from Cheltenham, where we stayed. We didn't get to venture out around the town, but the drive and the views from the office were breathtaking! The drive to Storehouse took us through a town called Stroud. Fan fact about Stroud: there is a street with one lane for traffic going bo[...]
  • A Trip to UK (Part 1 of 3)

  • I've planned to share this post much sooner, but you know, life sometimes gets in the way. But I will start with this: I LOVED UNITED KINGDOM. Preparing for the trip I did not have any expectations. And honestly, I did not have time to expect anything, as this was a work trip and I was responsible for work that needed to be done while there. Much of m[...]
Aloha, Hawai'i!
  • Aloha, Hawai'i!

  • BEFORE THE TRIP First things first, traveling to Hawai'i is not cheap, but even if you're on a budget, it is not impossible! February is a great time to travel to the islands, and although it is winter for most people, the islands stay in the comfortable 70 degree Fahrenheit range, "because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jack[...]