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  • Spray Painting Bathroom Cabinets (my experience)

  • One room with probably the biggest transformation to date is the half bathroom downstairs. It started as a small idea to simply paint the walls, cabinets, mirror frame, and replace the faucet. But the task was not as simple as it seemed, especially when it came to painting the vanity cabinets. Before After Off I went to dismantli[...]
  • New lamps

  • I was going to wait until I got the art up on the wall to show off my new lamps, but since it might take me another 2 months to make up my mind about the art and another 2 to order the prints, I want to show the beautiful new lamps I got at Home Goods. Last week I picked Dmitry up from work (he takes a bus normally, since he works downtown and doesn't wan[...]
  • Paint Your Patio Furniture

  • Overall today was a good day. Got a lot accomplished at work, and finally picked up the glass pieces for my saved from the dumpster patio table. "Woo-hoo!", as Vicky Gunvalson would say (those of you that don't watch the Real Housewives of OC won't get it, and that's probably a good thing!) Like I said, this baby was a dumpster save when we still lived at t[...]
  • Master Bedroom Makeover

  • This post is quite overdue. OneKingsLane ad was right, design is never done, I suppose at some point you have to stop and take a breath, it will be OK :). I wanted to get a few things done before taking the after photos, and then there were events to attend and gloomy weather to ruin the photos. So here I am, finally posting about our new master bedroom. We [...]