Potatoes and Chicken Thighs


It’s been a while since my last “Yum” post. And since I had just found out that I might be going to Moscow in November for work, I was doing some research about all things Russia. Although I am a former Soviet child, I’ve never been to Russia and now traveling as an American citizen, I am totally having identity crisis. But that’s besides the point. The point is – FOOD!!! Russian food… it has so many quirks, but it can also be delightfully simple. Potatoes are a staple in any Russian’s life. So I started craving some boiled potatoes and simple chicken thighs, just like mama makes them! And since the aforementioned mama is actually on a business trip out of town, I had to improvise.

Potatoes and Chicken Thighs

This is one of the simplest meals you can make, but oh, so delicious! All you need is potatoes, chicken thighs, green onions, and of course butter and salt. Pealing the potatoes is the only time consuming part. I never liked doing that since I was a kid, because (1) Russians don’t believe in peelers, and (2) I could never peel potatoes with stubborn Soviet knives. But lo and behold, I have an awesome peeler now… yet I still hate peeling potatoes. Moving on.

Potatoes and Chicken Thighs-1-4

When all the prep work is done, heat up the stove. Add butter (I like butter!) and I threw in just a couple of cuts of green onions, so the juices can all start to inter-mingle.

Potatoes and Chicken Thighs-1-5

Once the chicken is lightly brown on one side, turn it around, let it brown some more and add the rest of green onions.

I hate spending too much time on food presentation because I don’t want my food to get cold, and because I am too hungry. Serve it with fresh cucumber (small ones are the best!) and tomatoes. Oh, and don’t forget dill! Dill is an important element in a Russian kitchen! If you want to take your Russianess to the next level, add a dollop of sour cream on top of potatoes and then some fresh green onions and dill. Hey, it’s almost a baked potato! Oh yeah, I just boiled the potatoes until they were soft, but not totally mushy yet. Simple and delicious! Chicken thighs pack a lot more flavor than a regular chicken breast.

Potatoes and Chicken Thighs-1-7


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  1. by Katya on August 28, 2014  7:31 am Reply

    Looks amazing. Although I'm not traveling to Russia any time soon, I've got the same identity crisis :D My dad even calls me a fake Russian :-/

    Anyway, thanks for the recipe — gonna steal it!

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