So another almost a month without an update. I really suck at this blogging thing. I do have a good excuse though, I was in cold land called Russia for 2 weeks for work.

More on Russia later, but I came home to a “wonderful” surprise. While during laundry (and lots of it!), I noticed there was a lot of water on the kitchen floor. At first we thought the washing machine motor got clogged up again (we had to clean it out once before), but further investigation concluded that was not the problem. After some contemplation, we pulled the washing machine out, tried to do another load and noticed that on the spin cycle the dirty water instead of going down the drain started coming up. There was a clog in the drain.

We cut the drywall open and tried using a handheld drain snake with no success. So we called the plumber. Our first ever call to the plumber. I was nervous! But the previous home owners used a plumber to change the o-ring on the toilet upstairs before we moved in, so we decided not to waste our time researching other plumbers and call the same guys.

They ran the washer once and the water was still coming up. So they cut the drywall further and said that our Ptrap needs to be replaced with a 2 inch PVC instead of the 1.5 inch that we had. Wait, my Pwhat? And then they said that t-pipe also needs to be replaced. So they went to work and cut everything off.



Then they used the big-boy snake to clean out what was left of the piping.


And replaced it with new 2 inch PVC.



So $300 later we have new PVC and a cleaned out drain that should be able to handle the washer water discharge without spilling over. After some research, the washing machine drain overflow seems like a common problem with older homes mainly because when these homes were built, they were built with thinner pipes which were fine for the older washing machines, but the new machines discharge more water at a faster rate which these older pipes are not able to handle. One advice I got from the plumber is to run a hot cycle sometimes with the bleach and also do the same on other drains: hot water and bleach.


  1. by Love Z on November 19, 2014  8:52 pm Reply

    At least it was the washing machine water that was backed up and not the toilet.

    • by Iryna on November 20, 2014  10:57 am Reply

      True that!

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