Patio is done! (for now…)

I know I have not been posting much, but we have been working on a lot of little (and some big) projects here and there. The bigger project was the half-bath update, which is almost ready for reveal (not yet though). We’ve also added a new chandelier, new dining table, and I spent 5 hours paining 3 interior doors (more on that in posts to come).

One thing we did finish (at least for now) is the patio! It’s done until spring time! Spring time because there are a few specific plants that we want to plant, that will only be available in the spring.

Ikea Applaro

We added a peach tree (left corner), Ikea Hallo cushions and two back cushions (need more back cushions, but haven’t seen something I had to have yet) for our Applaro bench. Also hung two antique mirrors above the right side of the bench. Those were from a dresser where they looked too heavy and disproportionate so I took them off and painted them gray. It was Dmitry’s idea to hand them outside and I love how they look!

Patio mirrors

Patio pillow

Mini-bird cage



And last time I did not show the left side of the patio because, honestly, there wasn’t much to show.

But since then we added an Applaro storage bench to hold my gardening equipment and hide it out of sight, plus three crates, which I stained the same color as the patio border.

Left side patio

The red chair was actually an old dumpster find. But with a fresh coat of paint, it fits perfectly and adds a nice pop of color to our patio.

Red chair - before

It’s not very noticeable, but we added two bushes of Gardenias. They are a lovely green color, and contrast perfectly with the red chair.



We got the little Terracotta guy from the High Museum of Art in Atlanta back in 2009. He seems to like his new home.


Small plant

That is all I’ve got to share for now. Good night y’all!

Lone star


  1. by Love Z on September 8, 2014  6:35 am Reply

    I like it all. Nice pepper plant, too. The mirrors are neat. And I love the smell of gardenias!

    • by Iryna on September 9, 2014  7:04 pm Reply

      Ah, the gardenias already bloomed out, but yes, they smell lovely!

  2. by Katya on September 8, 2014  2:09 pm Reply

    Love the mirrors! and the crates! Looks awesome :)

    • by Iryna on September 9, 2014  7:03 pm Reply

      Thank you! <3

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