Paint Your Patio Furniture

Overall today was a good day. Got a lot accomplished at work, and finally picked up the glass pieces for my saved from the dumpster patio table. “Woo-hoo!”, as Vicky Gunvalson would say (those of you that don’t watch the Real Housewives of OC won’t get it, and that’s probably a good thing!) Paint your patio furniture Like I said, this baby was a dumpster save when we still lived at the apartment so we’ve had it for a while. It’s a pretty solid and a heavy piece, but it was missing the two glass panels (one at the top and one at the bottom) and a certain je ne sais quoin (did you know that translated literally je ne sais quoi means “I don’t know what”, I was hoping it meant spice or flavor, or…). Well, back to the point, how do you add something special to a  homeless piece of furniture? That’s right, you paint it! This was literally, the easiest transformation ever!

Patio Table 11

First, I wiped the piece clean. Then I primed it. I used Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer. It took some gymnastics and maneuvering around the piece to make sure every part was covered. Then I got impatient and wanted to see what the final color will look like, so I spray painted a small section. Don’t do this. What you should do next is sand the rough spots where paint drips dried with a very fine sanding paper (I used 320 grit). Then wipe the piece off clean from the little dust particles (I didn’t do this, big mistake, the particles will show up on your next coat of paint!). After the piece is clean, touch up the sanded spots with primer, spraying very lightly.

Patio Table 12

Once the primer has dried, apply the color. I used Rust-Oleum Gloss Seaside, which is actually paint and primer in one and can be used indoor and out, but I think applying the separate primer first really made this color pop. OMG, what a gorgeous color! Perfect for summer piece on the patio!

Patio Table 2

And I finally picked up the glass panels from a local place today.  All the quotes I got were at least $20 a piece, and then I found this place that did it for $20 for both pieces! Although it took them almost two weeks to remember to cut my order, I wasn’t in a rush, so it worked out great! I really wanted to keep the cost down, because I might try selling this on Craigslist or something. We’ll see. Our patio is nowhere near being ready to be styled, so at this point it’s hard to envision what will go where.

The painted piece has been on the patio for about 3 weeks now, in high summer heat, and in a few stormy nights, so far the color is holding up great! It has not faded, or cracked, or rusted.

So my total project cost for this was:
Primer $4 (I used about 3/4 of a can, the rest I used on drawers for Ikea RAST)
Paint $4
Glass $20
Table free! (my favorite price!)

Have you saved any homeless furniture pieces?


  1. by Katya on June 4, 2014  1:15 pm Reply

    Nice! Can't wait to party at the patio :D

  2. by Joy on June 4, 2014  11:54 pm Reply

    I see now what the glass cutting quote was for! Love the color! Great post! I would have never thought to prime it

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