Germany in May
  • Germany in May

  • As tradition has it, a quick clip to summarize the trip. I have no idea what the rap says, hopefully it's nothing too offensive. ­čśé Munich:┬á Berlin:┬á Hamburg:┬á Fl[...]
Germany in May: Flensburg and Gl├╝cksburg
  • Germany in May: Flensburg and Gl├╝cksburg

  • Finally, the real reason I came to Germany, was to see my friend say, "I do!" Or whatever the German equivalent is... Ya!  The train ride from Hamburg to Flensburg was uneventful, there were plenty of empty seats available, reservations were not needed.  My friend, Jan, picked up Olga and me from the train station to go to Gl├╝cksburg wh[...]
Germany in May: Hamburg
  • Germany in May: Hamburg

  • Let me just start out by saying that Hamburg is extremely underrated. When people think Germany, I usually hear about Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt. But the minute we stepped out from the train onto the local subway, I knew Hamburg would be special. Unlike Munich and Berlin, I immediately noticed the diversity in people, not just racial, but in the way p[...]
Germany in May: Berlin
  • Germany in May: Berlin

  • After Munich, my journey took me to Berlin. I would have loved to take the train to Nuremberg and then Dresden, but time was limited. Besides, my amazing cousin, whom I have only seen once in the past 15 years, has agreed to conduct a great bus journey from Kiev to meet me in Berlin. I was over the moon excited to see her! And now I had a dinner buddy! [...]
Germany in May: Munich (M├╝nchen)
  • Germany in May: Munich (M├╝nchen)

  • In May I got a perfectly good reason to travel abroad - one of my best friends from high school, who now lives in Germany, was getting married! I was over the moon happy when I received an invitation to the wedding and knew I had to make it happen! ┬áFirst, I was so excited my friend found a woman he is now happy to call his wife, and second I wanted to u[...]
New Milford, CT
  • New Milford, CT

  • As promised two months ago in my Princeton Ivy League blog post, I have a bit of a surprise for Gilmore Girls fans; and yes, it does involve a gazebo. More specifically, while on the last trip to New Haven, we took a small road trip and went up to New Milford. Although it is widely known that the show is based on the town Washington Depot, the [...]
Princeton Ivy League
  • Princeton Ivy League

  • At this point we had visited 4 Ivies- Yale, Harvard, Brown, and Columbia, so it was only natural to make a pit stop at Princeton during our last trip to the Northeast to make it 5 Ivies. Princeton is only an hour away from Newark airport, so it was super convenient.  Also (and I completely forgot about this while we were there) one of my fav[...]