New Year, New Office, New Web Design

January 11, 2016

Office | RedBarberry-2

If you visited the blog over the weekend, you may have noticed a few changes! And if you haven’t, shame on you, you should check-in every day! (Just kidding! …sort of.)

The New Year is in full function and this year for me is all about clean form and minimalism. The intent is still the same, but the blog is a lot more polished now. I am quite happy with it, so I hope you like it too! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

What prompted me to spend more time on making this blog better, however, was not a New Year’s resolution, it was the redesign of our home office! It’s not quite finished yet, but we have gotten a new desk, pull out couch, and desk chairs. Oh! And the walls are no longer maroon! I’ll be doing a more detailed update later, which will also include how we built (and probably how you should not do it) our wooden desk for two.

Office | RedBarberry

Office | RedBarberry


Office | RedBarberry

Office | RedBarberry-10

Office | RedBarberry-13

Office | RedBarberry

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