New lamps

I was going to wait until I got the art up on the wall to show off my new lamps, but since it might take me another 2 months to make up my mind about the art and another 2 to order the prints, I want to show the beautiful new lamps I got at Home Goods.

Last week I picked Dmitry up from work (he takes a bus normally, since he works downtown and doesn’t want to deal with downtown traffic) and I told him I had a good feeling that day about finding the lamps we will both like.  And what do you know? Turns out my gut feeling was right! 🙂

Originally we wanted lamps with clear base, but when we saw these, we were sold.

My side:

Lamps-Home Goods3

His side:

Lamps-Home Goods4

Don’t they just add so much warmth to the room?Lamps-Home Goods5

And of course a before and after:

Lamps Home Goods

Btw, this is what I am thinking of for the art right now. I bought 2 STROMBY frames 19 ¾ x 27 ½”, and already purchased a picture mat from Texas Art Supply (they’re super helpful and nice!) I am thinking of printing two of my original photos that I took in Ukraine last May on poster paper 16 x 20″. This is not to scale and sorry for the bad “photoshopping” job, but you get the drift.

Picture Idea

Do you ever print your photos for art or for other project? Where do you get them printed? What type of paper quality do you recommend for this project?

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the lamps were $39.99 each and actually came with light bulbs, that’s always a plus until they burn out :).


  1. by Love Z on June 12, 2014  10:01 pm Reply

    Please can you be my interior decorator?

    • by Iryna on June 13, 2014  8:45 am Reply

      Oh darn it... I would have to go to San Diego... Ok, sign me up! :)))

  2. by Katya on June 13, 2014  11:31 am Reply

    Awesome lamps. Everything matches well and creates a nice calm atmosphere. 10/10 :D

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