Minion Movie Night

Minion Movie Night |

“Is this a birthday party for someone?”  A guest in attendance asked confused by all the minion stuff. “We thought this was just a movie night.”

“Who said you’re too old to have a minion themed party. Besides, you can never have too many minions!” I answered.

The truth is, I probably went a little overboard with the minions for a movie night. But we have not hosted a movie night in over six months, so I had fun with the decorations, especially since it was so easy to find minion themed items.

The feature movie of the night was not a Despicable movie, but actual THE MINIONS! 🙂 We had not seen it prior to the night, so it was a nice surprise and anticipation for us as well. And since the night was mostly adults, we had to make sure we had plenty of adult friendly beverages along side with kid friendly ones.

Minion Movie Night |

Minion Movie Night |

The featured adult beverage of the night: Grilled Pineapple Margarita (grilled pineapple, tequila, pineapple juice, and mint). Along with a variety of red and white wines.

The kid friendly beverage: Lemonade (I know, genius!)

Minion Movie Night |

The banana print out was free from here. I printed it on sticker paper, so it was easier to attach the little outfits to the bananas, but cutting them out was labor intensive!

Minion Movie Night | RedBarberry.comFor the food I really tried to keep it simple, but this table ended up being full in the end. Unfortunately I did not get to snap a picture since I was running back and forth between the kitchen and the table.

We had: chips&salsa, salad, prosciutto wrapped in cheese, quiches and taquitos (go Costco!), grapes, strawberries, and mangos, yellow cupcakes, and moon pies dipped in yellow chocolate with faces (I actually wanted to order some custom cookies, but didn’t think of it in time), tiramisu, apple pie, and probably something else I am no longer remembering. Oh and popcorn, of which the first bag I burned… ahem.

Minion Movie Night |

Minion Movie Night |

I had also set up a photo booth where people could take pictures. I just used a plastic table-cloth for background. Lesson – buy two and make it go all the way to the floor. P.S. don’t mind the Rush Hour on TV, that was before the guests got there.

Oh yeah, and before the guests got there, they were given a fair warning to behave well. You can get the free printable here.

Minion Movie Night |

Minion Movie Night |

Well, we hope all of our friends had fun. I definitely had fun preparing for it. Oh, and the movie was cute. It was a good closure for the Despicable series in form of a prequel. As a minions fan I was satisfied and am ready to close that chapter in my life. 🙂 BANANA!





  1. by Love Z on May 12, 2016  9:38 pm Reply

    You are so stinking cute. The bananas. OMG.

    • by Iryna on May 12, 2016  10:14 pm Reply

      Bee-doo-bee-doo-bee-doo :))

  2. by Carolyn on May 13, 2016  5:59 am Reply

    I love it! Great job! I hope we can make it to the next movie night! Be-do-be-do

    • by Iryna on May 17, 2016  11:52 am Reply


  3. by Katya Vassilyeva on June 2, 2016  7:47 am Reply

    Okay, question/observation: If a minion only has three fingers, then is the one in the top picture giving all of us a middle finger? :-O

    • by Iryna on June 2, 2016  10:34 pm Reply

      How observant you are, that's his pointing finger!

  4. by RemoveWat on August 1, 2016  11:56 pm Reply

    These snacks are super adorable and I love that offer healthier options that are still appealingly cute to minion lovers.

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