Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2014

Ah! Christmas always sneaks up on me very unexpectedly. Thanksgiving seems too early to think about Christmas, and then it arrives as if I did not even know it was coming. It’s always fun to gather around the tree and open presents. However, it’s not about the presents, it’s about the memories of being with the family, friends, and close ones. Some of my favorite Christmas memories are from the times when we couldn’t afford many gifts for each other.

We always celebrate on the 24th, this way we can eat, stay up late, and recover on the 25th before going back to work the next day. This year we went over to my mom’s one bedroom apartment and we brought our whole family: Dmitry, I, and our two cats. My mom also has a cat, which she adopted four months ago, so we had a full house – four adults and 3 cats. Our two cats have never met the new kitty, Bonnie, before. They did very well together while we were all awake, but at about 5 am while Dmitry and I were sleeping on the fold-out couch in the living room we heard a lot of growling and hissing right at our heads and the kitties had to be separated. That was fun! 🙂 There were injuries (minor).

Christmas 2014

Mom’s cat Bonnie

My favorite Christmas tradition (which is also my favorite Christmas movie) is to watch Home Alone and Home Alone: Lost in New York. In 2014 we got to visit both locations, NYC in January and Chicago in November, both cities were decorated for the holidays (still need to write my report about Chicago).

We did get some fun toys for each other this year. I finally got an external USB drive for my photos, which I requested three years ago :). But the best part is that I got my first pro-grade DSLR! I read many forums before picking out an upgrade for my Nikon D5100 and was a bit worried because the pros suggested to really exhaust your existing camera body before upgrading. I was afraid that I might be getting ahead of myself. But finally having the upgraded version in my hands I know that I was ready! My friend has asked me to take her maternity photos in the coming month, so I am super excited to test the new body in a photoshoot setting.

Christmas 2014

I do realize that not everyone’s Christmas was pleasant. Not all of mine have been. But I do hope that you stay strong in spirit!

And if you do celebrate, what is your favorite Christmas tradition?
What is your favorite Christmas memory?
Did receive something cool or something that you have always wanted?

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Christmas 2014

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