Kitchen Update

Kitchen Update |

One day in July I set down at my dining table to study with the direct view into the kitchen. All I could focus on was the red wall color, which has bothered me for almost four years. We have not repainted because I kept thinking we will do a kitchen remodel, replace floors, cabinets, countertops, and at the same time will repaint. But four years later and the kitchen remained untouched.

I am a master at procrastinating, especially when it comes to studying. Dmitry was gone for a week and I knew I could make a mess of the house without anyone in my way (except kitties, of course). So that same evening I closed my books and went to Home Depot.

I originally envisioned a white kitchen with an accent wall. I picked up a Behr pure white semi-gloss and a Behr Silver Bullet.

Kitchen Update |

I managed to get the first paint coat on the walls the first night.

In the morning, the colors didn’t look right, but I still went ahead with the second paint coat. Sometimes you have to see for yourself to be sure. Once the second coat dried, I knew for sure that I needed to repaint.

The cabinets had been painted with an oil-based paint, which has yellowed slightly over the years. The pure white semi-glossy paint on the walls made the cabinets look older than they are. As for the accent color on the right, although it was light, it looked really dark on the wall; I also thought it looked dated.

So I was off on another trip to Home Depot to re-do everything. 🙂 This time I picked up the Behr satin paint in Halation.

I could have just gone for the Sherwin Williams Gray Screen we used in other rooms, but I wanted to use a different shade of gray (pun intended).

Halation was the right choice.

Kitchen Update |

In main rooms of the house we re-plastered popcorn walls for a smooth finish, but I didn’t have time for that; I just scraped the really bumpy texture.

My other projects involved taking out the phone outlet (we removed the phone cord when we moved in) and re-replastering the gap it left in the wall.

I thought about taking out the intercom, which works only as a radio, but when I opened it up, there were just too many wires for my limited electrician abilities to deal with, so I left it.

The pantry got a nice overhaul; it’s amazing how much stuff can fit into a seemingly small space.

I replaced and painted the door; added new hinges and door handle, and reorganized the interior.

Kitchen Update |

Before & After

The most challenging part of the whole thing was hanging the pantry door on my own. Typically one person holds the door and the other screws in the hinges. Well, my cookbooks came to the rescue and helped me prop the door up. See, you just have to be resourceful. 😛

Overall, I may not have the shiny new quartz countertops I dream of, but I do not miss the red kitchen whatsoever. For the first week, I’d open up my pantry just to admire it.

Kitchen Update |

Kitchen Update |

Kitchen Update |

Kitchen Update |

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