June Favorites

It’s difficult to talk about my June favorites without giving up my travel adventures before they officially go up on the blog (I have over 1500 pictures to go through!) But there are a few I can definitely share.


A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson

I absolutely must start with this favorite. On my 16.5 hour flight back home after 6.5 and 1 hour flights before it, I was tired of watching movies and was becoming a bit restless. I have difficulty falling asleep on planes, but this book made the time go by much faster. I dwelled into the Qatar Airways’ audiobooks section and found Short History of Nearly Everything written and narrated by Bill Bryson. I love when the authors are the ones reading their books, they just have a certain ownership of the content that hired narrators don’t.

The audio version consists of several 5-7 minute chapters and clocks in under 6 hours total. I was pleasantly surprised that the book wasn’t talking about French Revolution, but instead about the formation of Earth and the evolution of science, physics, geology, and chemistry. I know… it sounds kind of boring, but trust me, you will be so into it, it will be difficult to stop. Unless you fall asleep like me. 🙂 And no, I did not fall asleep because the book was boring, I fell asleep because at that point I have been awake for 36 hours and I was so deep in my thoughts trying to imagine what the author was talking about that my thoughts turned into a dream. I woke and fell back asleep several times dreaming of the Universe and space dust. When I woke up again the book was on its second run. I just let it play again and listened for the parts I missed the first time. I was so into it, that I bought it on audible and listened to it again, now from beginning to end without falling asleep, the following weekend.


Samsonite Strangford 25"

My old luggage case was… old and was falling apart, so it was time to upgrade before my Asian travels. The problem is that they all look sort of the same, but are slightly different and it’s difficult to chose the one that feels just right. I ended up with a Samsonite 25″ Strangford from T.J. Maxx for $90. I don’t think they have this model anymore, but a similar one on Samsonite’s site is sold for $170. I couldn’t remember the size of my old luggage so it took me a while to figure out at the store if 25″ was too big or too small for a checked bag. Turns out, it’s perfect! I was just under weight limitation with this bag. The only problem is that mine was only available in light gray, and yes, it did get dirty, but I simply don’t care to shrink-wrap my bag every time especially since I was carrying some electronics for work that I knew would cause my bag to be checked by security after it’s been checked. But I must say that it survived 9 flights, over a hundred of Asian hotel steps, and one road trip in two weeks, so it has graduated into a deserving (slightly dirty) bag of choice for future travels.


Tropical Smoothie Cafe (Sunny Day)

Are smoothies considered food or drink? I am not sure. I am not a smoothie fanatic. I think they’re great, I just don’t get when people claim their green smoothies to be the best meal/drink ever. But I think I found a combo that I wouldn’t mind having on on-and-off basis every-now-and-then :p. It’s simple, Mango, Kiwi, and mango/orange/apple juice. I tried it at Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Texarkana and now bought all the ingredients and have made it (successfully) at home. Finally my blender got to see some action. 🙂


How to Be Single

I watched a lot of movies on my 9 flights in June, Zootropolis was hilarious and cute but How to Be Single made me lol more than once. While everyone else onboard was sleeping, I was giggling away. Rebel Wilson… well is Rebel Wilson, there is no better way to describe her. And yes, it is a “chick flick”, but a hilarious one, so all genders will enjoy and laugh equally!


  1. by Gm on July 13, 2016  7:45 pm Reply

    You are an amazing writer! Like we tell in Russia ты пишешь так , что слов немного а смысла очень много! So proud of you! You need start write for magazines !

    • by Iryna on July 15, 2016  11:01 am Reply

      thanks, mom :)

  2. by Love Z on July 13, 2016  8:48 pm Reply

    Bill Bryson is hysterical. Good read!

    • by Iryna on July 15, 2016  11:01 am Reply

      Any other titles you'd recommend?

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