January Favorites

January 29, 2016

This year I wanted to start a new category and talk about my favorite products, places, recipes, and experiences for each month. This will also force me to post at least once a month, since I’ve been known to slack :).

Favorite Book

Ok, this is not exactly a nightly read, but a great addition to anyone’s cookbook collection. One gloomy evening we wondered into Crate & Barrel and this book was laying there, sunny side up. It immediately brightened up my mood and made me hungry for some breakfast food :). I can’t wait to try all the different recipes from it and share my results with you!

Put an Egg on It - Cookbook | RedBarberry.com

Put an Egg on It - Cookbook | RedBarberry.com

Favorite Experience

For Christmas, I received my first ever bicycle! That’s right, this 26-year-old lady never learned to ride a bicycle. My favorite experience this month has been the learning process! It also helps to have an extremely awesome coach like Dmitry! He’s super patient and very supportive. I was able to ride by myself on lesson 2! And while I may be a fast learner, I give all the credit to my teacher! Today was a nice day and I was learning to make turns.

Bicycle | RedBarberry.com

Favorite Food

It’s citrus season! Grapefruit is amazing for quenching thirst, suppressing appetite, regulating blood sugar levels in diabetics; it speeds up digestion, and something I recently learned, it even helps with insomnia! It’s delicious and so good for your body and soul!

Grapefruit | RedBarberry.com

Favorite Youtube Playlist

I LOVE La Belle Mixtapes! They have the best music compilations to chill out to (or to clean to) :).


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