Ikea+Lego Hack

August 4, 2014

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-1

This project is brought to you, by yours truly, my sidekick- Dmitry :). Don’t worry, he’s not offended to play the role of Robin in our house renovation mission. Anyways, he was really excited to do an Ikea hack of his own, and after getting frustrated with me over and over for misplacing my keys, he came up with this awesome project that required that required this Ribba Ikea photo ledge and some Legos.

Actually it was a pretty simple and quick project.

Basic materials you will need: photo ledge, Legos, Epoxy, ruler, pencil, masking tape, key chain ring, and a drill.

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-2

Dmitry measured how far from the edge he wanted the Legos to be glued and taped that section to align the Legos perfectly.

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-3

The hardest part about this project was choosing the Lego arrangement.

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-4_Collage

Once we finally picked the pattern, Dmitry marked the spacing on the tape.

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-9

And this is how  he applied the Epoxy.

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-10

For the key chain, he drilled a small hole in the Lego cube.

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-11

Then he strung the key ring through the hole. And there you have it, a Lego key chain!

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-12

And after about 24 hours of drying Epoxy the project was complete. He asked me to take photos while he “was not flexing” for the photoshoot. 😛

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-13

I have a lot of stuff on my key chain and as you can see, the Legos are holding it great!

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-14

Have you used Legos in an unconventional way? What did you make?

Ikea Photo Ledge + Lego-1-15

By Iryna


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    Love Z

    This is the greatest idea. EVER. My entire house would love this because we are the house of Lego (according to our 6 year old). Definitely going to try it.


    ps – Somebody in these photos has killer arms.

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    You guys need to stop being ridiculously creative! Putting me to shame… 😀 Great idea and execution. Whenever y’all are done with the house, I’ll have to order some awesomeness from you.

    Dima is pulling a Schwarzenegger!

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      He thanks for the complements!

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    Ikea+Lego Entryway Key Shelf | Fluharty Industries R&D

    […] For a detailed look of the project visit my blog. […]

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    The Lego table from Ikea has a huge playing surface with clever boxes for storage. From Fancy Ashley

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