IKEA BISSA Shoe Organizer

September 1, 2015

BISSA Shoe Organizer from IKEA

I am really bad at putting things back in place. Especially when it comes to shoes (looks like I also suck at wiping mirrors…) Since our coat closet is occupied by paint cans and dirty rags, which we are saving for future house renovations projects, our main storage for show was this little tiny shelf from Target.

BISSA Shoe Organizer from IKEA

As you can see, I am not very good at being neat about my shoes. So I finally got fed up and said “there’s got to be a better way!” And, of course, IKEA came to the rescue! I found these awesome BISSA shoe cabinets, which were on sale for $25 each! And the best part is that they were the perfect size for our space. I actually would not have minded spending a bit more on a higher quality product, but I didn’t find anything in that category. In this case, it was IKEA’s convincing design and not the cheap price that persuaded me.

Now the dilemma remains, which way should the cabinets face. Into the living room? The mirror would need to be replaced with something silvery and more appropriately sized.

BISSA Shoe Organizer from IKEA

BISSA Shoe Organizer from IKEA

Or sideways? In this case I would replace the mirror with a full length silver framed one.

BISSA Shoe Organizer from IKEA

BISSA Shoe Organizer from IKEA

Aesthetically, I like the second option better because the corners of the cabinets are not in the doorway, my rug fits better, and it allows room for a full length mirror.

Tell me what you think!

P.S. I am also thinking about adding drawer pulls to the cabinet. Any ideas?

BISSA Shoe Organizer from IKEA




By Iryna


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    Love Z

    I vote for option 1!

    It looks nice either way.

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    I like the first orientation! Forward seems supreme streamlined!

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