How to grill without a grill

First things first, you’ll need a grill pan or a grill skillet. Ours is a Le Creuset brand that we purchased a couple of years ago from Williams-Sonoma. They are not cheap, but well worth the price for not having to deal with an outdoor grill. It’s a cast-iron pan that can be used in the oven or on stove-top. This time I decided to use it stove-top.

Last Monday my parents came over for dinner and I wanted to serve something quick, delicious, and summery. I picked up some veggies, shrimp, and chicken breast.

First I grilled the veggies. I turned the stove on med-high and left the pan on top for a few minutes to before putting anything on top. After the pan was nice and hot I sprayed a little oil on top and laid the veggies horizontally, after about three minutes (still facing down) I flipped them sideways. In about 6 minutes I had these beauties.

grilled 1

For chicken, it’s the usual, chicken breast cut in halves, pound with kitchen hammer, lightly marinated in some lemon juices and spices. The key to getting a nice grid on the meat, is to make sure the pan is hot each time. I also used liquid Liquid Smoke to add some grilling flavor to the meat.

grilled 2

And finally, I was going to grill the shrimp, but ran out of time and decided to just throw it on the regular frying pan. I threw the shrimp in some Mango Habanero Sauce and added a bit of Bourbon and fried it until golden brown. It was so quick and easy and it was actually my favorite part of the meal!

grill 3

I always want to take nicer photos of the food, but since I am usually cooking several things at once, I don’t have time to stop and “style” the food. And when it’s cooked, I rush to serve it so it doesn’t get cold. Limiting myself to quick iPhone shot, sorry!


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