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I’ve finally published the home office update to the Home Tour page. There you’ll find a full update of the room as it stands right now and also where we purchased some of the items in the room.

While I love the openness of the new  room, it’s definitely missing some crucial items. We want to create a reading nook and get a reading chair, but I can’t seem to commit. We’ve considered this Niels chair from West Elm, but I missed the sale, and am definitely not paying $700 for one chair.

What do you think? Does it even fit? Should we forgo the reading chair altogether? Do you have any alternatives to suggest? I am truly lost…

And curtains, do you think this room needs curtains?

WestElm Chair Photoshopped | RedBarberry.com

Second, we need some art pieces above the sofa. I found a few print designs that I liked on etsy, but was not ready to commit. But when I sat down to mock up what they look like for this post, I decided that I actually really like them and will go for it. What do you think?

Oh, and a rug.

Home Office Art | RedBarberry.com

Also feel like there needs to be a lamp over the sofa. Something like this perhaps.
Please share your suggestions and ideas in the comment section. Feel free to send links to the items you think would fit in our room. I feel like I have commitment issues when it comes to decorating this room. 🙂


  1. by Love on March 20, 2016  4:53 pm Reply

    I don't think you need curtains. We have Roman shades in our house (which are similar to what you have in the picture), and I think it is enough. Unless you really like curtains, in which case I'd say go for it. But remember that they collect dust, which is really annoying.

    I don't think you need a rug by the couch because you already have carpet in the room. Doesn't that seem redundant? Maybe a big shaggy faux fur thing would be good, though I might recommend that under the chair you have shown in the reading corner instead.

    I also recommend a light in your reading corner. I love the chair. :-) Be patient for a sale, or find it cheaper elsewhere!!!

    • by Iryna on March 21, 2016  9:55 am Reply

      Thanks! My only reason for considering the curtains is our close proximity to neighbors. We love lots of light in the house so tend to keep the roller shade open at least half way up, but that might be too much for our neighbors to peak in.

      I've consulted a few friends and they all liked the chair... that makes me more comfortable investing into a big piece of furniture!

  2. by Katya V. on April 13, 2016  8:23 pm Reply

    I think curtains will make the room more inviting and yeah, add privacy to you (hehehe).

    • by Iryna on April 14, 2016  1:27 pm Reply

      yeah, well.... still thinking about it ;)

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