Front Door Update

Front Door Update

Spring is in the air, and it’s a perfect time to blog about doors. 🙂 That doesn’t really make sense, but it’s ok. I think the new front door was the biggest purchase of last year. We got it installed right in time before our housewarming in October.

Front Door Update

The choices for the front door consisted of either wood, fiber glass, or steel. I did some research and this page has a good summary of advantages and disadvantages of each of the options. Normally, making decisions, especially when it comes to design, does not come easy to me, but in this case it was no-brainer that fiberglass is the best option; it was also the cheapest.

Front Door Update

The next step was to pick out a design. Originally we picked the design below, which I still love. But after thinking about it for a while, we didn’t want people peeking inside since we live in a townhome community with 200 units.

Front Door

So we went with the design that had a glass insert, but it is above our heads, so no one has to know if we are home or not. 🙂

We went to Home Depot simply because they are the closest to us. The process was easy, but there were things we needed to pick out that I did not think about ahead of time. For example the color of the hinges and the peep hole; we also had to buy the door handle and the mail slot separately. We chose to book the installation through Home Depot as well to make it easier.

Front Door Update

I am not sure if that was really an easier option. Basically they gave me a number to call an installation company. I called several times and got no answer. Then I got a call from Home Depot that my door was in and I can pick it up. I said that I paid for the installation and they informed me that the installation company will pick up the door from their store before the installation. I confirmed that I had the right number for the installation company and they said I did. So I tried calling the installation guys again. Nada. Got another call from Home Depot letting me know that my door was ready for pick up… I explained that I tried calling the installation guys, but got nothing. Are you confused? I don’t blame you, so was I! After several calls back and forth they finally gave me a number to someone else to book the installation. If I knew this was going to be such a head ache, I would have sourced my own installation company and probably saved a few $$ for the mark up I am sure Home Depot included and did not deserve.

Speaking of $, if you are interested in installing a new door or just curious, the door cost $467.14 and the installation was $434 of which $145 went to a permit and administrative fee.

Front Door Update

The installation day was easy. There was 1 guy and it took him about 2 hours. The longest portion and what seemed to be the most difficult for him was removing the old wooden door (it was heavy!!!).

And of course, here are some before and afters.

The old door.

Front Door Update

And the new door.

Front Door Update

The door is currently only primed in white. I thought about painting it, but then kind of liked the clean look of white. What do you think, should I paint it?

P.S. I also love how much more light it lets indoors since our entry way was a dark sad corner.

Front Door Update

Front door projects for the future include new light fixture, new house numbers, and new door bell button.


  1. by Love Z on March 17, 2015  9:59 pm Reply

    Lovely door! I like it white, but I also like the original red. It's hard for me to make up my mind, too. Our neighbors painted their door a lovely color of blue, which I never would have guessed to be a good color for a door. But it worked.

    • by Iryna on March 17, 2015  10:07 pm Reply

      I know. Well, I'm happy with it being white for now, don't have that painting itch yet. I like the red too! I considered a blue shade as well :). Great minds think alike.

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