February Favorites

Favorite Book

I am not a book worm by any means. I enjoy reading, but I just can’t seem to stay awake for more than 15 minutes while trying to navigate pages and pages of text, even if it’s a story that truly interests me! So I decided to give a try to audiobooks and signed up for Audible. I figured that I spend at least 1 hr. every day commuting to and from work, and instead of listening to the same top 40 songs over and over again, I might as well learn something.

#Girlboss | February Favorites | RedBarberry.com

The first book I downloaded was #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I came across a quote from this book in one of the online articles and decided to give it a shot. It took me a few minutes of listening to the story to warm up to it, but once I let go my own prejudices, I truly enjoyed the story! So much that I listened to it twice, and the second time was at the request of Dmitry, who had heard snippets of it and wanted to hear the full story. #GIRLBOSS is Sophia’s story about her journey to success, and while I could not exactly relate to her (let’s just say she’s a rebel and I am not), I did find great tips on creativity, business, and success instilled with lots of humor in between. In my job I’ve had to interview young girls for internship positions and a handful of times I had been asked “Why did I not get the job?” With this book, I feel more confident being honest with the candidates and how to better structure my answers to such questions. In fact, maybe I’ll just send a copy of this book to the next candidate that doesn’t make it.

I also enjoyed that this book is not a pity party for women, but more of a “hey, get your $h!t together” motivational speech. In comparison, I am now listening to Lean In by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, and while both titles have the same intentions (empower women) and even both start out with claims that “this is not a feminist manifesto”, Sandberg’s approach is slightly different and perhaps more mature, mostly addressed to the women struggling to balance career and family. #GIRLBOSS was more of a “coming out of youth” memoir.

But don’t take my word for it! Sign up through Audible and get two free audiobooks!  You can compare for yourself, that’s a savings of $49! If you have an Amazon account, you won’t even need to register, and it’s easy to cancel online if you decide that audio books are not your thing.

Favorite Home Item

My second favorite of the month is this accent table I found at Target for only $49.99 ( a full office update and request for your suggestions is coming soon!) Target has awesome affordable yet modern home solutions. One day I’ll splurge on West Elm… 🙂

Room Essentials Mixed Material Accent Table - Target | RedBarberry.com

Favorite Food

Of course my favorite food item this month was the cake I made for Valentine’s Day.

Russian Honey Cake (Medovik) | RedBarberry.com

Favorite Movie

We tried making it out to the movies several times, specifically to see Academy nominated Brooklyn, but somehow we would always miss the show times. I still wanted to watch something romantic, raw, and something that made me feel… something. I came across the movie And While We Were Here (2012) that filled that void.

And While We Were Here Review | RedBarberry.com

If you have strong opinions on how women should behave, you probably won’t like this movie. I found it difficult to like the main character played by Kate Bossworth; to me she came across as a spoiled girl with too much time on her hands. But at the same time, she was very real. I think many people are too afraid to admit that sometimes life just seems stagnant and we miss that feeling of excitement that followed us everywhere in our youth. There are many reviews from the people who did not enjoy this title, so watch at your own discretion. 🙂 I thought the music and cinematography were also beautiful, but I am not an acclaimed critic by any means!

What are YOUR February favorites?


  1. by Love on March 2, 2016  10:49 am Reply

    I have a hard time reading at night, too. I fall asleep so fast. I have been reading Between You and Me, which was written by a New Yorker copy editor. It's a wonderful read, but I am just too tired. On the other hand, I have been reading novels with my son Texas (7) for the past few years. The Chronicles of Narnia was a wonderful series. My favorite book within it was The Magician's Nephew. Such beautiful writing for children and adults alike, and the symbolism and hidden meanings were not lost on my son. We are now reading the Wizard of Oz series, which is also so creative and imaginative.

    I haven't tried a book on tape yet, but I am not in the car long enough to make it worth it.

    My favorite dish is harder because I haven't cooked anything spectacular lately. But I will say that I am really into crunchy almond butter right now.

    • by Iryna on March 2, 2016  11:40 am Reply

      I'll have to check out the Comma Queen book :). Would be good for a listen.
      I have the ebook version of Narnias, and really want to read them. These types of stories I think should be read, not listened for sure. But I have not had/made time to read it :(. I have a terrible habit of starting books and then never finishing them.
      What's your favorite almond butter? I keep hearing all about it, and it's in a lot of recipes, but I haven't bought any myself.

  2. by Danielle on March 3, 2016  10:46 am Reply

    I want to read that book! Sounds like something I would love! I love all of your Feb favs!!!


    • by Iryna on March 3, 2016  11:25 am Reply

      Thanks Danielle!
      I heard that Netflix is also working on a show based on the life story of Amoruso. :)

  3. by From Luxe With Love on March 4, 2016  6:09 am Reply

    Love this! Great post babe x


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