DIY Wood (and Mesh) Trellis

April 5, 2015

DIY Wood Trellis

Spring is in the air, and of course, spring calls for fun and colorful projects!

Last year we saw a vine jasmine in the nursery near our house that we thought would be perfect for the wall that our patio shares with the garage. But we weren’t ready to buy the jasmine since we still needed to remodel the patio. By the time we finished all the pre-requisite projects on the patio, the vine jasmine was no longer available.

So we waited a year and good things come to those who wait… the vine jasmine is back! We rushed to the nursery to buy the plants, but now we needed something that the vines can climb over. As an additional challenge, it needed to be a few inches away from the wall as per our HOA rules.

No problem. I already had something in mind, so we headed to Home Depot and purchased this rusted mesh (8 x 10 feet with 4 in. squares) for less than $9!

DIY Wood Trellis

We used this wire brush to clean off the rust.

DIY Wood Trellis

That was probably the most difficult and time-consuming part of the project, but the results were beautiful.

DIY Wood Trellis

From there I used Rustoleum to paint the mesh. (Pro tip: if you wet the floor below the plastic, then the plastic won’t fly around in the wind!)

DIY Wood Trellis

Now for the wooden frame… We aligned everything first, then cut the wood. (We didn’t cut the mesh, as it was perfect size for our project, but that’s an option too).

DIY Wood Trellis

After all the wood planks were cut, I stained them (Dmitry is just modeling for the picture, I did all the staining). Most tutorials tell you to use a rag to stain the wood, but I like the brush stroke effect when it dries.

DIY Wood Trellis

Now it is time to line everything up and secure the mesh between 2 planks of wood with galvanized nails (so they won’t rust). We aligned the nails so they would be below and above the mesh for added security. For the corners, use industrial staples from the back.

DIY Wood Trellis

Dmitry dug about 2 feet into the ground to secure the trellis. We have clay ground so the trellis feels secured in (it’s a bit heavy). If your ground is more sandy, you might want to secure it with cement so it doesn’t fall over in a strong wind.

DIY Wood Trellis

The before picture, overgrown with wildflowers over the course of the winter.


And after. Can’t wait to see the jasmine bloom.

DIY Wood Trellis

In one week since we planted the jasmine, some vines have grown over 3 squares (or 12 inches!), so they are doing really well next to our peach tree.

DIY Wood Trellis

DIY Wood Trellis

By Iryna


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    Love Z

    I love it! Creative and affordable. Nice work.

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