DIY “Rustic” Shelves

Another element that we added to the half bath downstairs (actually, I added alone, Dmitry was busy working on the patio) is rustic shelving. I did not have recycled wood in possession, so we just grabbed some 2″x8″ from Home Depot and cut them to the right size. The birch brackets came from Ikea (of course). I distressed the wood using the hammer and a few variations of nails. After distressing, I mixed espresso and gray stains to get the stain color that I wanted.

This was a perfect quick project mainly because it provided instant gratification (unlike plastering walls).

Half Bathroom Makeover-94

Half Bathroom Makeover-68

Half Bathroom Makeover-32

Half Bathroom Makeover-92

Half Bathroom Makeover-67

Half Bathroom Makeover-64

Half Bathroom Makeover-37

Half Bathroom Makeover-31

Half Bathroom Makeover-30

DIY Rustic Shelves

Since I already had the stains, this project cost me $16 in brackets, $2 in fasteners, and $10 in wood, with a grand total of $28 + tax.

Decorations came from Home Goods and Ikea.



  1. by Love Z on October 19, 2014  11:07 pm Reply

    I think you should submit your project to Martha Stewart. She should feature it in her magazine.

    • by Iryna on October 19, 2014  11:08 pm Reply

      Haha! Totally! Oh, Martha!

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