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Christmas Decor 2016 Christmas Decor 2016
  • Christmas Decor 2016

  • Can you believe we're only 11 days away from Christmas Eve? I had to double check the calendar to make sure I was not crazy.  Hope you've finished your holiday shopping, I know I haven't. Thank goodness for the 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.  Work has been crazy busy the last couple of months. We finally put up our Christmas tree this [...]
  • New Year, New Office, New Web Design

  • If you visited the blog over the weekend, you may have noticed a few changes! And if you haven't, shame on you, you should check-in every day! (Just kidding! ...sort of.) The New Year is in full function and this year for me is all about clean form and minimalism. The intent is still the same, but the blog is a lot more polished now. I am quite happy [...]
  • Why I splurged on my bedding

  • There are tons of comforters out there to choose from; many times you can find a whole bed set for under $100! That was me when we first started living independently. I spent very little on a cute bed set, which included a queen sized comforter. But very quickly I realized that sleeping on, under, and around polyester was uncomfortable, slippery, hot, and [...]
  • House Crush: Baby Isabella's Room

  • It's baby season! Well, I don't think there is a designated season for having babies, but it does seem like everyone around us is either pregnant or just had a baby :). So many new bundles of joy are being added to this world. Last weekend we went to a baby shower for Isabella Marie and I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of her beautiful room! [...]
  • 2 year homeaversary

  • Sunday was a two-year anniversary since I signed my life away we closed on our townhouse. While 2014 was an exciting and productive year, this year I can't even say that we dropped the ball, because honestly we never picked the ball up... more than that - we never purchased the ball! But it was nice to take a break and rest. We are gearing up to tackl[...]
  • IKEA BISSA Shoe Organizer

  • I am really bad at putting things back in place. Especially when it comes to shoes (looks like I also suck at wiping mirrors...) Since our coat closet is occupied by paint cans and dirty rags, which we are saving for future house renovations projects, our main storage for show was this little tiny shelf from Target. As you can see, I am not very g[...]
DIY Wood (and Mesh) Trellis DIY Wood (and Mesh) Trellis
  • DIY Wood (and Mesh) Trellis

  • Spring is in the air, and of course, spring calls for fun and colorful projects! Last year we saw a vine jasmine in the nursery near our house that we thought would be perfect for the wall that our patio shares with the garage. But we weren't ready to buy the jasmine since we still needed to remodel the patio. By the time we finished all the pre-requisi[...]
Front Door Update Front Door Update
  • Front Door Update

  • Spring is in the air, and it's a perfect time to blog about doors. :) That doesn't really make sense, but it's ok. I think the new front door was the biggest purchase of last year. We got it installed right in time before our housewarming in October. The choices for the front door consisted of either wood, fiber glass, or steel. I did some research [...]
White Christmas 2014 White Christmas 2014
  • White Christmas 2014

  • This winter has been very warm in our neck of the woods. I am not sure if it's the weather to blame or something else, but this year I am struggling to get into Christmas spirit. Usually I have a clear idea of what I want the Christmas decor to be for that year, but I guess this year there have been many other things occupying my mind. We finally put our [...]
Chalkboard it is! Chalkboard it is!
  • Chalkboard it is!

  • When I got the console table, I was puzzled with how I should style it. So I asked my friends and readers for advice here using badly photoshopped images as idea starters.  My original inclining was to go with some sort of a mirror or a set of mirrors, but everyone voted on a blackboard instead. I have to say I was shocked, since this is the image I star[...]
  • DIY "Rustic" Shelves

  • Another element that we added to the half bath downstairs (actually, I added alone, Dmitry was busy working on the patio) is rustic shelving. I did not have recycled wood in possession, so we just grabbed some 2"x8" from Home Depot and cut them to the right size. The birch brackets came from Ikea (of course). I distressed the wood using the hammer and a few [...]
Housewarming Housewarming
  • Housewarming

  • Guilty as charged. It's been a month since the last update. I really am not sure where the time went so I will not even try to come up with excuses. But all the busy work over the last year has been leading up to one moment - our first ever HOUSEWARMING!     Our housewarming fell perfectly on the 12 months mark since we closed [...]