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Kitchen Update Kitchen Update
  • Kitchen Update

  • One day in July I set down at my dining table to study with the direct view into the kitchen. All I could focus on was the red wall color, which has bothered me for almost four years. We have not repainted because I kept thinking we will do a kitchen remodel, replace floors, cabinets, countertops, and at the same time will repaint. But four years later a[...]
  • Why I splurged on my bedding

  • There are tons of comforters out there to choose from; many times you can find a whole bed set for under $100! That was me when we first started living independently. I spent very little on a cute bed set, which included a queen sized comforter. But very quickly I realized that sleeping on, under, and around polyester was uncomfortable, slippery, hot, and [...]
  • Labor Day Long Weekend of Organization

  • So this post is a bit embarrassing to write. I consider myself a pretty organized person, but I am also a bit... lazy. I know, weird combination, but trust me, the struggle is real. So I try to organize my closet from time to time, but I've really let it go to sh... shish kabob lately. And once my clothing rack made a beautiful smiley face in a shape of [...]
  • IKEA BISSA Shoe Organizer

  • I am really bad at putting things back in place. Especially when it comes to shoes (looks like I also suck at wiping mirrors...) Since our coat closet is occupied by paint cans and dirty rags, which we are saving for future house renovations projects, our main storage for show was this little tiny shelf from Target. As you can see, I am not very g[...]
1 ½ Bathrooms update 1 ½ Bathrooms update
  • 1 ½ Bathrooms update

  • Not sure if you had a chance to wonder off to the Townhouse link at the top menu but this is where I am keeping track of the projects I have planned (and their completion) for each space. There are still a few pages that are pending content (Guest/Office/Craft Room; Front; Patio; Attic), but the other pages are starting to see some additions. The latest u[...]