Bedroom Art

It’s been pending for several weeks (if not months) now to add some art to the Master Bedroom. But as with everything else, it took forever to decide on the art.

I decided on the frames pretty quickly (we went with STRÖMBY from Ikea), but choosing art was a bit more complex and the odd size (19 ¾ x 27 ½”) of the frames didn’t make it any easier. I knew I wanted some type of water color art, but quickly realized that there are not a lot of choices in that size, so I picked up some matting board from Texas Art Supply (these guys are awesome!). Then for a second I considered printing my own photos of the forest to use as art, but after getting a few quotes I just didn’t want to pay $20 for each print I wasn’t sure I was even going to like. Seems like a dead end.., until we went to get an oil change for my car and instead of waiting at the shop we wondered to the nearby Hobby Lobby.  There we stumbled upon a 50% off sale on prints and picked up two prints for about $12. The size was great, the price was awesome, and we both liked the prints.


The hardest, and probably most time consuming part of the project was cutting the matting board. Since I already had the frames, I cut two pieces of the board to size at Texas Art Supply. But cutting the inside of the board was a bit more complex. I started by measuring 2″ on each side (since the art prints were about 17″ x “25”) and tracing it with a pencil. Then using utility knife I cut along the marks (I don’t have any specific tips for this, except, keep your hand steady, or let your man do it). We used the cardboard underneath the matting board to use as our cutting surface. I completed the first frame and Dmitry did the second one. His came out looking much nicer, obviously he is the one with more patience.


Once the matting was in place, we were pretty much done. Or so we thought… We faced a little challenge with the little backing things that twist to keep your art in place. I suppose the frame designers didn’t account for the extra thickness from the matting board. But with a little bit of love force, we were able to secure some (not all) backing pieces, just enough to keep the artwork in place.


The part that proved to be most difficult mentally was deciding to make holes in the walls we so diligently plastered. But we got over it pretty quickly and gathered all the tools necessary to make sure we do it right. Measure 7 times, cut only once, as the saying goes.


We used the laser to make sure that both pieces set on the same height, a measuring tape to measure the distance from the bed, nails (duh), pencil, and hammer (we really need to get  a bigger hammer, all our old ones have wondered off to friend’s houses).

We also used the existing paper inserts from the frames to tape to the wall, to make sure we like the overall positioning.


A few hits to the wall (we used two evenly spaced nails for each), and there you have it, we have some art in the room!


Little helpers don’t mind it either.


And what it looks like at night with lights on.


It’s not a lot, but we are happy with it for now. We might add additional art down the road, or maybe a mirror, but my next focus in the room will be the top cushion for the black Ikea shelves sitting by the window. I’ve already got padding cut to size, just need to find the perfect fabric.

Cost breakdown:

Frames $30
Matting $6
Art $12

That makes each piece about $29 and I am happy with that!

P.S. Stay tuned for our first travel update from our mini road trip, coming later this week.


  1. by Love Z on July 9, 2014  7:33 am Reply

    Beautiful work! I hope someday to see it in person!

    • by Iryna on July 9, 2014  8:17 am Reply

      Thanks, Love! Time to come visit Houston! :)

  2. by Katya on July 9, 2014  9:29 am Reply

    Very elegant :) Love the prints. Love the kitties too :D

    • by Iryna on July 9, 2014  10:29 am Reply

      Yay, glad you like them! :)

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