August Favorites

As you may have noticed (or not), I skipped July favorites. My July favorites were all memories from Vietnam, which I shared here, so there was nothing else to share. In August I finally felt like I got back into the groove of the Western world. Most of my favorites this time are food related items, except for one. 🙂

Favorite Oatmeal

I am not a huge oatmeal fan. Our usual weekend breakfast consists of sunny side up eggs. But one weekend we ran out of eggs and I had to reserve to whatever was in the pantry. Thankfully I had some oatmeal that I don’t even remember purchasing. With a bit of strawberry jam, it was delicious and tasted super fresh! This is a great alternative to switch up the usual egg routine.

Oven Roasted Old Fashioned Organic Oats | August Favorites |

Favorite Tea

I got this tea last year in London and I’ve tried many teas since then, but this one remains my favorite. It is very light, calming, and not bitter like many teas tend to be. I drink it sparingly, but I guess when I finish it, I will need another trip to England just to get some tea. 😛

Yumchaa Mango Sunrise Tea | August Favorites |

In addition to the tea, I like to add ginger. Dmitry and I seem to be taking turns each year getting sick in July. Two years ago D got sick during our short vacation to Pensacola, FL and our AirBnB host offered us tea with ginger. I always add honey to sooth the throat, but never thought of ginger before. And now ginger is a regular staple in our teas. To avoid messing with fresh ginger root I just buy the crystalized ginger from Trader Joe’s. They almost always have it in stock, but sometimes they run out, so I try to keep at least two packs at home.

Crystalized Candied Ginger | Trader Joe's | August Favorites |

Favorite Litter Box

This favorite is a bit less glamorous. I’ve been using Feline Pine litter with regular litter box for several years now, which I love, but the tracking with it was really bad. Also, I was looking for a bigger box since one of my girls started over-spraying and not fully sitting to pee. Basically I was tired of constantly cleaning up. After reading several positive reviews, I decided to give this box a shot. Unfortunately the borders didn’t fit the space where the litter box is (between a wall and a toilet), but the box itself was wider than what I had before and we don’t seem to have an issue of over-spraying anymore.

The price tag is heavy, especially for pads that go below the sifter. But once you try the system, it’s hard to reject it. There is virtually no tracking and clean up is super quick and easy. With two adult kitties I change the pads once every 3-4 days. The pads are $1.50- $2.00 each, so it adds up quickly. I also feel bad adding more waste to the landfill. I tried switching back to Feline Pine after, but after two days went back to Breeze. Bit the bullet and purchased 10 packs of 4 pads. So far it’s been worth the money for quicker clean up.

The girls seem to enjoy the box two. They share one box, they don’t seem to mind sharing, but they do like it clean and fresh, and with this system all the waste is immediately eradicated. I was worried about the hard pellets, but they switched immediately with no issue.

Tidy Cats Cat Litter | Breeze | Litter Box Kit System | August Favorites |

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