How AT&T can’t get their s…tuff together

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Yes, this is going to be a venting post.

We’ve had AT&T U-verse (TV + Internet) for almost 10 years. While I’ve heard others complaint about AT&T, the worst issue we’ve had with them in 10 years was when they fixed our neighbor’s cable/internet by unplugging the wires from our box and leaving everything a mess. That sucked, but they fixed it, and we moved on, until now… The story will be told in chronological order:

Wednesday, March 23rd

My recent journey with AT&T started a month ago on Wednesday, March 23rd,
when my promotions expired and the bill went up to $165 a month for internet and cable. I like to keep my monthly bill at $100 +/- and thought that I’ve probably used up all my promotions that would allow me to stay at that rate, so I decided to pull the plug and cancel the TV portion of my service. I figured I can get Hulu and Netflix for about $30/month, which beats paying $83/month for cable TV with commercials. So I called AT&T, got connected to their retention department, explained my situation, and to my surprise they offered me the same TV package (U200), + free HD channels, and an upgrade from 18MBPS to 75MBPS internet for $108/month before taxes. Sounded like a great deal, and OMG, faster internet, how awesome! We scheduled a technician service for Thursday, March 31st, because we needed an equipment update.

Thursday, March 31st

I received my confirmation and took half day off work to meet the technician.

AT&T review |

Arrival window is between 1 and 3… I wait… and I wait… and I wait. Three o’clock rolls around and no one shows up. So I call and get connected to the technical service representative. I explain what happened, and he says “Ok, let me review your account.” 20 minutes go by, meanwhile I am thinking perhaps he’s trying to contact a technician in the background to find out what happened and why he did not show up. So I ask him, “any progress?”.  And he says “well, I am just confused why a technician was scheduled in the first place, if it’s just an internet upgrade, they should be able to just turn it on…” Ok, I am not an AT&T technician, but I am pretty sure that going from 18MBPS to 75MBPS requires an equipment upgrade, and he still did not answer why the scheduled appointment never showed up. Another 20 minutes in, I start getting impatient, and his answer is “I am still trying to read notes and understand what happened.” The guy was nice, not rude, but at this point, my perception – incompetent for the job. I ask to speak to a manager so he puts me on hold.

After 15 minutes on hold, I decide to call a second line, I get connected to another technician, explain my situation and in less than 5 minutes she explains: “Something went wrong in the system and the appointment got canceled, let me connect you to the retention service.” Halle…..f… lujah! Ok, this doesn’t make the fact that the technician didn’t show up any better, but at least I got an answer and we are making progress. I am not sure what the first technician was doing in the 40 minutes I spent on the phone with him.

At this point I am three hours in this AT&T ordeal. Three hours I could be working, making money.

I finally get connected to another retention employee, explain what happened. At this point I am UNHAPPY, but still nice. He sets me up with the same deal and another appointment. I say that at this point, I feel like AT&T should do something extra to make up for THEIR mistake. The guy responds (not happily), “Well, the best I can do is $50 credit to your acct.” I should not even have to ask, and now I am getting attitude from him, whatever, better than nothing, it will heal the wound partially. We set a technician appointment for 9-10 am on Saturday, April 9th.

Saturday, April 9th

8:40 am I get a call from the technician saying that he’s on his way. I was in the bathroom so I missed the call. So at about 9:20, I get concerned because the technician isn’t there. I call him, he doesn’t answer, his voicemail mentioned a number to his supervisor whom I called and left a message for. About an hour later I get a call back from the technician, saying that he showed up, and no one was there. I was baffled! I woke up early and was eagerly waiting by the door for him! He said, “Ok, I will come later in the day once I am finished with my next customer.” At about 2 pm he calls me and says, “I am here, but no one is answering the door.” What? How? Which door are you at?

…Turns out, as the technician explained to me, that the sales team had my address correct, but when the address went to the technician, the street NUMBER was correct, but the street NAME was wrong! Again, how can this happen!? And since his work order was issued to the wrong address, he could not perform the work!  He was super nice though, and spent 2 hrs on the phone with their own (AT&T) support trying to re-route the work order. They told him they could do it, but I would lose all my discounts, and he needed to go to his next appointment. So I need to call back AGAIN!

I could tell the guy was preparing for me to start yelling at him. But honestly, at this point I am so fed up with AT&T and their system. I let him go unharmed :). Wasn’t his doing that the company can’t get their s…tuff together.

I call again… get connected to Kyle, from retention department in Houston. Explain my situation… again… And get this, he says “Well, I am not able to find the same discounts the previous person gave you!” Ok, even if that is somehow true in his system, that is not something I want to hear after so much time spent with them just trying to get my service upgraded. Arghh, it makes me mad just thinking about it. At this point, I was SO DONE! I didn’t care if I have to go without internet, they had broken their promise (contractual in writing by the way) more than once, and I wanted nothing to do with them, so I told him “CANCEL the whole thing!”

At this point he proceeds telling me, “Well, we don’t want you leaving with such a sour taste in your mouth, so I think the best way to fix this is to cancel the old account, and start with a clean slate on the new account. Kyle got me the same service for $91.99/month before taxes.

We went over on the phone more than once, “75MBPS internet, U200 TV, + Free HD, Yes?”
“Ok, cool. And Address is correct, Yes?”
“Ok, cool. Let set it up for Saturday, April 16th, 1pm-3pm arrival window. Cool.”
Kyle: “I’ll call you Saturday after your appointment to make sure everything went well!” “Great!” This is a nice gesture, I thought.

Saturday, April 16th

I was out of town that weekend for work, so I put Dmitry in charge of dealing with AT&T.
At 9 am I got a call from Kyle, “Hey, I am not sure why I was supposed to call you, but I have a note on my desk to call you today.” Ok, really? Shouldn’t you have written down my account number and made notes in the system? I tell him that the appointment is not until later, so please call back at 4 pm. Unfortunately at 4 pm I was in the area with no service, so I either missed his call, or he didn’t call back, I really don’t know. But the service that was installed was not the promised 75MBPS, but the existing 18MBPS that we previously had…. And on top of it all, they’re charging $49 for new account establishment, where if they had not messed up on my initial account, there would not be a need for this, so I should not be responsible.

AT&T review |

So again, they did not deliver what they promised. And I know what’s going to happen if I call again, they will say “Oh, we can’t do 75MBPS for that price, it will be more!” and I know hearing that will make me so upset that I don’t want to deal with it. At this  point it’s not about the money or the service, but about BROKEN PROMISES. And after the 12 months are up, I might be ready to pull the cord once and for all. Something like having cable TV and Internet should not be so stressful!


  1. by Katya V. on April 25, 2016  8:29 pm Reply

    "But wait, there is more!"

    Oh wow. Sounds like their plan is to overpromise to keep people from cancelling, then to underdeliver to save money. Who's got time and patience to deal with them repeatedly?! I had a very bad experience with Wavevision, but they were a shady company to begin with. AT&T has no excuse!

    • by Iryna on April 25, 2016  8:39 pm Reply

      I know... It's like an abusive relationship... It's like they tell me they love me, and then abuse me again and don't keep their promises. Out of principal I know I need to call them and let them know that this is not what you guys promised, but at this point I'm just #overit

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