April Favorites

April has been an interesting month. Lots of activities and changes at the day time job. Fiasco with AT&T. Storms and flooding in Houston. And a few other mishaps along the way. Unfortunately I can think of more dislikes than favorites this month.

But don’t let me be a Debbie Downer. There was still a ray of sun shine in the sky amongst all the gloominess!

Favorite Home Item

I wanted a simple way to store my small sunglass collection and to make it quick and easy to chose the right pair in the morning before heading out of the door. I like that I can see all the glasses I have and the stand is acrylic and see-through, so it is virtually invisible and does not clutter my mind early in the morning when thought process may or may not be slightly delayed. I shared it on my Instagram and y’all seemed to like it, so it’s a keeper!

April Favorites | Acrylic Sunglass Stand | RedBarberry.com

Favorite Experience

I don’t get to shoot (photography) often for clients, but when I do, it is always very special!

In April I had two shoots back to back. One of a beautiful baby and another of a very nice and family centered wedding. Creating something beautiful that the client will love is so rewarding! Photographing a new dad with his baby girl, and a dad giving his daughter away in marriage just made everything come full circle.

April Favorites | RedBarberry

Favorite Flower

Well, it’s not any one flower in particular. But April is a blooming month! I loved watching new gardenia blooms pop every day (and boy, do they smell sweet!); vine jasmine we planted last year exploded with beautiful white flowers; and bluebonnets covered the hills of Texas making it look like a fairy tale!

April Favorites | Gardenia | RedBarberry.com

April Favorites | Vine Jasmine | RedBarberry.com-5

April Favorites | BlueBonnet | RedBarberry.com-4


  1. by Katya V. on May 4, 2016  8:58 pm Reply

    Forgot to ask if you guys were redoing your patio?

    Always love to see your photography :)

    • by Iryna on May 7, 2016  10:55 am Reply

      No, the HOA is doing some repairs on the fence :)

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