2014 Year in Review

Wow! What a year it has been! A lot of sweat, tears, and dust, lots and lots of dust (from plastering and sanding)! Here are a few of the things we have accomplished this year.

RedBarberry | 2014 Year in Review

3 interior doors
The two bedroom doors and the downstairs bathroom door have been replaced and painted. There are still 10 old flat doors around the house. We are replacing them slowly as we are repairing each area.

1 exterior door
I have not posted about this yet, but we did get a new front door!

30 knobs
4 on the built-in cabinets in the living area, 10 in the kitchen, 3 in the downstairs bathroom, 13 in the upstairs bathrooms.

4 drawer pulls
3 in the downstairs bathroom, 1 in the kitchen.

1 chandelier
Above the dining table. We also replaced the light in the downstairs bathroom, but it’s technically a wall light and not a chandelier.

1 new dining table + 6 new dining chairs
Technically these are pieces of furniture, but are still a significant purchase and assembly items.

2 curtain rods
1 in each bedroom.

3 artwork pieces hung
(actually a few more, but they are not “finalized” yet).

2 toilet seats replaced
One toilette seat broke and the other one was too loud; the third one is still fine. All three have soft close now.

2 towel hooks replaced.
Minor, but makes a difference

5 faucets replaced
2 in the upstairs bathrooms, 1 in the downstairs bathroom, 1 in the kitchen. That’s pretty much all the faucets in the house.

1 in-sink-erator
Well. the one that came with the house stopped working, so we had no choice.

1 new fridge

1 new console table

3 rooms flat drywalled
Master bedroom walls are done, downstairs living/dining complete, and the half bathroom downstairs are done. Guest bedroom, entryway, kitchen, stairway, upstairs bathrooms and closets are left to go.

1 new TV
Also just a purchase, but still a significant one (it’s big!)

1 patio re-done!
That was a big undertaking. A few more greens left to plant, but have to wait for spring to get them.

2 nightstands hacked!
That was a fun project, I want to do it again!

 Wow! Looking at the list I am honestly amazed how much we have done this year! I didn’t realize how much we had actually accomplished. It has been a productive year, but we are nowhere close to being done. Here is a CHEERS! for another productive year and hopefully a better balance between house work and time with friends and family!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Are you proud of your accomplishments this year? Tell me more!

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