17 Things to Do in Pittsburgh

Things to do

For a relatively small city Pittsburgh has a lot to offer — it’s got history, culture, architecture, pubs, and nature in one compact and convenient city. Since I love to rack up miles by walking, I found Pittsburgh very pedestrian friendly and all the destinations mentioned here can be reached by walking.


1. The Monongahela Incline,  Mount Washington

It’s $5.50 for a round trip ticket on the incline. The ride takes about 2 minutes, which is faster than the 25 minute walking directions GPS was giving me to get up to Mount Washington. The views that open up of downtown are great. It was fun to see the city in both, the daylight and the nighttime.

The Monongahela Incline | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


2. Emerald View Park

The park surrounds Mt. Washington and makes a great place for a stroll or a jog. I only walked around the NE side of the park, so I have more to explore next time I visit. I loved all the Halloween decorations! These residents take their holiday decor seriously!

Emerald View Park | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


3. Shiloh Street Shops

There weren’t many places open on Wednesday at 4 pm, but I’d imagine this is a really cute area to shop at on a weekend or when it is warmer!

Shiloh Street Shops | Pittsburgh | RedBarberry.com


4. Freight House Shops, Station Square

Another great area to walk around and shop! The shops are inside, so no matter the weather outside, you can always get your shopping on! It looks especially cool at night! There also nice restaurants around, although I thought they were “too touristy” so I’d recommend looking for something more unique (like Kavsar mentioned in my previous post!)

Freight House Shops | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


5. Point State Park

It’s a nice point to see, but I recommend skipping going to this park directly and instead watching it from a point above, i.e. Mount Washington or across the shore from one of the rivers.

Point State Park House Shops | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


6. Bridges

Pittsburgh bridges are no Brooklyn Bridge, but they are still very impressive! There are many and they’re very convenient! Many are being restored and lights are being added to add even more charm to them, especially at night.

Bridges | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


7. Andy Warhol Museum

I’d like to think I am not an art snob, but I never understood the obsession with Andy Warhol, that is until I visited the Andy Warhol Museum. Seven floors of pure esthetic pleasure! $20 for entrance is a bit steep, but you definitely get your money’s worth. You don’t have to like Andy Warhol, but if you’re just naturally curious, you will enjoy this museum! They also have a coffee shop and a lounge on the first floor – a nice spot to relax or study.

Andy Warhol Museum | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


8. Three Rivers Heritage Trail

Located on the North Shore of Allegheny River, it a perfect place for hiking and biking. You also get a really nice view of the Point Park and it goes around all the major stadiums, so you can check those off the list as well.

Three Rivers Heritage Trail | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


9. River Casino

I didn’t go inside so I can’t vouch for the niceness of it (or the winning odds), but it looked very impressive from outside.

Casino | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


10. Bicycle Museum & Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff and Museum!

These museums/antique shops are right next to each other, they’re a bit of a walk (or a short drive) from the downtown, but fun places to visit that are not “super touristy.” At the Bicycle Museum (aka Bicycle Heaven), definitely make sure to go up to the second floor — that’s where all the good stuff is. The bicycle museum is free and they have other things besides bikes. I didn’t make it to the Johnny Angel’s, so perhaps next time; if you’ve been, let me know in the comments what you thought about it.

Bicycle Museum & Johnny Angel's Ginchy Stuff and Museum | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


11. Old Allegheny Rows Historic District

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this area. It reminded me of the Marlborough Street in Boston. The area is definitely run-down, but that made me love it even more — there is so much real estate potential! You can see repairs are starting to take place and the neighborhood coming to life.

Old Allegheny Rows Historic District | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


12. Carnegie Library Music Hall

Up until this point I’ve only heard of Carnegie Hall in New York, well Pittsburgh has one too!

Carnegie Hall | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


13. Pennsylvania Libations, Strip District

Strip District is another fun area to shop and eat. I definitely recommend stopping at the Pennsylvania Libations liquor store. The staff is super friendly and selections are unique! You can try almost anything for free too! A quick stop here turned into a really good time.

Pennsylvania Libations | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


14. Carnegie Mellon University

It wouldn’t be a Pittsburgh visit without a stop at the Carnegie Mellon University! It’s not as pretty nor as historic as the Ivies we visited, but it’s still a very pretty and impressive campus!


15. Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh

I got lucky and accidentally stumbled into the Slovak Heritage Festival. My Eastern European spider senses must have led me to it. The first floor of the cathedral is very beautiful. There is not much to see in the upper floors, but I would recommend riding the elevator at least once. You have to pre-select the floor before the elevator comes and there are no buttons inside the elevator, it felt odd, but kind of cool at the same time. Definitely very gothic. Absolutely tour the rest of University of Pittsburgh campus!

Cathedral of Learning | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com

St. Paul Cathedral | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


16. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Very beautiful gardens and they are all indoors, a perfect activity for a rainy day! It’s just outside of the Carnegie Mellon University.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com


17. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

I am not a book worm, I wish I was! I love stationary and the smell of the print presses (yes, I’ve attended a few print press checks) I just can’t seem to stay awake for more than 15 minutes when reading any book. That said, I love visiting historic libraries, walking through the bookshelves (my favorite is the Boston Public Library), and (this is a bit creepy) watching people read and study. They have some chairs in the hallway, which was a perfect spot for me to rest my legs and to people-watch.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA | RedBarberry.com

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