How I Got Scammed in Chile
  • How I Got Scammed in Chile

  • My initial experience upon landing in Santiago was not very positive, but after a week in the city I absolutely fell in love with it and it became one of the most romantic cities I've ever been to. Pre-story I landed in Santiago on Sunday morning. My hotel offered to schedule a car pick-up from airport for about $28. Even though this was a work trip, I[...]
Pittsburgh: Video
17 Things to Do in Pittsburgh
  • 17 Things to Do in Pittsburgh

  • Things to do For a relatively small city Pittsburgh has a lot to offer -- it's got history, culture, architecture, pubs, and nature in one compact and convenient city. Since I love to rack up miles by walking, I found Pittsburgh very pedestrian friendly and all the destinations mentioned here can be reached by walking.   1. The Monongahela Incline,[...]
Pittsburgh, PA: Hotels and Restaurants
  • Pittsburgh, PA: Hotels and Restaurants

  • It's amazing how much I got to see in Pittsburgh in just five days I was there during early November, and that's considering that  two and half days were occupied with work/school visits (I'm thinking of going back to school). This started as one post, but became too long, so I decided to break it into two parts: part one - hotels and food, part two - th[...]
Gluten Free Crumpets
  • Gluten Free Crumpets

  • A friend from England told me about crumpets. Initially amused by the name, I was looking at recipes online and realized that these are just like the oladushki my mom made in Ukraine when I was little. My first attempt at making the oladushki (i.e. crumpets) was a disaster, so the next time I tried to put my own spin on it with coconut flour. I also m[...]
  • Kitchen Update

  • One day in July I set down at my dining table to study with the direct view into the kitchen. All I could focus on was the red wall color, which has bothered me for almost four years. We have not repainted because I kept thinking we will do a kitchen remodel, replace floors, cabinets, countertops, and at the same time will repaint. But four years later a[...]
Colombia: Vlog